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Cracks in parking lots are not unusual

Unfortunately, neither is the eventual deterioration of the surface if those cracks are left unattended.  Unsealed cracks allow water to enter and deteriorate the subgrade and eventually the surface, usually resulting in alligatoring, potholes, and the general demise of the pavement.

“We Will Call You Back Before Days End”
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Basic Forms of Maintenace:

1.Seal Coating, this procedure will protect against oxidation and spills while making the asphalt visibly attractive . This application should be applied at least every year or more frequently if use is heavy and deterioration apparent. Applied at proper intervals, it will prolong the life of pavement indefinitely at a fraction of the replacment cost.

2. Crack Sealing, cracks are usually caused by either a failure of the base, water damage or exessive weight on the pavement surface. Cracks can easily be repaired by installing a hot pour mateial to fill them. The crack sealer provides a water proof bond and is rubberized to give support while the pavement expands and contracts in changing temperatures. Cracks that go unsealed will continue to allow water into the base structure, causing severe damamge to the pavement as the base deteriorates. A pavemnet crack inspection and correction should take anually.

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